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Redefining, Adaptable & Futuristic

We are an umbrella organization founded on the strong ideals our ancestors had always cherished. Our decades-old business bloodline originated from their practiced virtues. Philanthropists to the core, all their virtues especially the unwavering ethics, equality, and empathy ever inspire us- at RAF Health, we look at all creations with rewarding respect.

Having inherited value-based business traditions from ancestors, we are the new generation breaking new ground in products and services, exploring more avenues of business, discovering the endless potential in human resources, leveraging the power of technology and diversifying investment portfolios— all inspired by the strong ethical fundamentals of our ancestors. In short, our business DNA is made up of ethics, equality, and empathy for all-virtues transcend time.


We deal in pharmaceuticals, nutrition and vitamins, home healthcare and personal products, OTC, first aid and rehabilitation and disposables of higher standards. Through multiple channels of distribution, we place the whole range of products for consumers to experience and come back.

Raf Pharmacy is a fully functional, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, one-stop for all range of pharmaceuticals that improve life expectancy and quality of life of patients. Raf Pharmacy is the lifeline for medicines that can cure, relieve symptoms, delay the onset of diseases, and prevent complications. We have 24/7 e-commerce to receive orders online and all our products are delivered faster at your doorstep.

As the top provider of medical equipment in Qatar, we offer the best-performing and user-friendly tools. We have everything you need to aid your customers in losing weight, improving skin health and appearance, all at cost-effective prices.

Innsof is a robust, feature-rich healthcare suite of software applications that can provide high value to clients. Automating repetitive tasks, and streamlining business processes, it enables real-time communication and collaboration among team members.

Success Story

Ethics is the root cause of our success

We have come a long way since our ancestors had taken to business. Discovering as many as avenues to know people, products, services, and technology, we have innovated and taken our ventures to new frontiers.

Over the years, our product portfolio expanded across wide range of products and services. Global brands got added one after another. Geographical presence widened as the chain of outlets grew in numbers. So did staffers.

Above all, we earned the trust of our customers, suppliers, staffers, all other stakeholders we dealt with, and every noble human we met.